Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pantone 186C

I had made a promise to myself and my new place of residence to never buy furniture on demand.
I had a dream to fill my home with items that were stumbled upon, reupholstered and laquered with characterer.
For too long I have lived under a banner of Ikea and through desperation my warped white table had travelled with me.
And on Sunday the day of my twenty seventh birthday I wandered into a beautiful old warehouse. My eyes lit up seeing chairs hung high against an old brickwall. I felt at home standing at the entrance of the house of modern retro scandinavia. I knew then it was time to redecorate. There were two red chairs stacked in the corner in a natural light timber and red cloth seats. I dusted off the seats and turned them on their feet. He always told me to check underneath. There were minor markings, strong Danish legs and labelled original vintage. I flipped it back over sat down and knew I needed this classic armchair. I finally understood the real joy of original pieces of furniture. I was happy to age a year as long as I had my red chairs by my side.


  1. I am not feeling too creative right no. I have a stuffy nose and a tickle in my throat.
    A vibrant shade of red would cheer me up x

  2. Maybe a warm lemon and honey concoction would help, in a pantone mug for extra vitamin C? hope you feel better


  3. I am perched upon my bed, leaning against my peach embroidered pillows. On top of my lap sits a tiny white laptop which amuses me more than it should at my age. I am lit by a lamp with a shade that i have made, which lives on a round cane table. My wardrobe door hangs slightly ajar, with a view to a ruby sweater. The first sign of winter on this tropical island blows through my window and chills me. So i put on my sweater and the warm red wool soothes the skin on my shoulders and elbows. I think to myself as I sit here and type, why do i need that pantone? To warm up my insides to match with my outsides, and pretend it's a hug from you...
    (Guess who...)