Monday, May 24, 2010

A Lonely Travel Guide

I leave a strange and peculiar place with the words computer-whizz printed on my yellow plastic carry-bag. I have finally made the decision to 'Back-up' my ten year computer life.  Wes as he's name badge reads , explains to me 'external drives are the way to go'. Ninety Nine dollars later I have the capacity to store 320GB on my 'Expansion Portable Drive'. My new friend Wes explains to me that I will barely use a tenth of the storage capacity. I am saddened by this, ten years is a long time. I leave with my yellow bag in hand and make an awkward promise to Wes that I will back-up. I spent the afternoon rummaging through files with the intention to save 'externally'.
I came across my travel notion from two thousand and three. My ideas may not be as optimistic but I enjoyed the read.

Your Journey beings here..

By following the earths path paved out for you below, you will find yourself submerged half way across the world only to get lost.  Lost means you are a free agent.  Because now your actions are finally your own, with only your body to scowl you for your dumb-founded ideas.  Seeing lost as an agent of release or a state of freedom. Where you actually do hold the controls of power as a piece of equipment in the palm of your hand.  Transmitting signals only you are aware of and transporting you through channels of continuous magnetic vibrations.
During your movements you will learn to escape the monotonous translations of everyday life, empowering you to captivate your actions.  Spontaneity and impulsiveness will be your tour guide, spotlighting your mental and physical imagery, of which you are both excited and naive to.
Do not pack your bags with preconceived outfits, but..
leave room for empty shoeboxes, for which you need not explain.

A travel notion from the Drifters by James Michener suggests,
five rules for successful  travel.
one. Never eat in any restaurant called Moms.
two. Never play poker with anyone called Doc.
three. Get your laundry done at every opportunity.
four. Never refuse sex.
five. And order any dish containing wild rice.

Now, to back-up.  My bags will have to wait patiently for another few months to come.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My First Robot turns 1 too.

Saturday 15th May 2010